Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that combines various martial arts systems. It belongs to the group of Asian self-defense systems, where the shock technique of arms and legs are used to defend and attack. Its ultimate goal is the development of physical skills and psychological preparation of athletes. The term "taekwondo" was officially adopted in 1955 by the masters of the black belts of Korea and is an international name.

The members of the Desant e.V. association (owned in 2008) have years of experience in martial arts such as sambo, taekwondo and self-defense. In April 2016 were everyone interested in martial arts, including their families, was brought together in the Taekwondo Desant. as well as all friends and athletes of this Olympic discipline were organized under one Roof. The first competition where taekwondo e.V participated was the "President's Cup" in Bremen. We won there the fourth of eight places.
In September 2016 the Constituent Assembly took place, at which the team leadership was elected, the board of the regional sports association Taekwondo Desant e. V. V. Andreas Vasilev, as Head and Chief Executive Officer.
At the end of October, the athletes of the Taekwondo Desant e. V. a coupling test with Grand Master Han-Kyu Jeung 9. He was accompanied by his assistant Younghoo Yu from Korea. From that day on, our collaboration with the sports school Pfeifer from Bremen began. In mid-November the athletes were at a friendly tournament in Walsrode, in which they participated successfully. After the tournament, preparations for the DTO European Championship began. At the end of 2016, the Taekwondo Desant e. V. again to Bremen to take part in a Hapkido course with Grand Master Han-Kyu Jeung and his assistant Younghoo Yu.
At the beginning of the year, Desant e. V. a general sports course together with the SSV 1952 Torgau Department SAMBO Budokai (Trainer Aleksej Lykasov). On this day, many different sports were presented and his knowledge passed on. After a long preparation, the athletes took Taekwondo Desant e. He took part in the European Championship of the DTO (German Organisation Taekwondo) and won 5 gold and 1 silver medals during the championship, becoming European Champion and Vice European Champion after the DTO version. In May, the members of the sports department Taekwondo Desant e. V. participated in the team competition in Walsrode, where they 5 times the 1st Place and 2 times the 2. Occupy space.
On 17. 06. was the Taekwondo Desant e. V. again in Lilienthal near Bremen to take part in the annual President Cup. The tournament featured two disciplines – Poomsae (Mold run) and Kyourugi (Battle). This tournament was the first time children from the age of five were allowed to take part in the fight. Junus Ninkaev was one of those young participants at the age of five. In the Poomsea discipline, Anastasia Kasanzev, Steven Vasilev, Stefan Schlegel won the 1st Place. In the Kyourugi discipline there was once again a variety of 1st places. This was achieved by Anastasia Kasanzev, Steven Vasilev, Maxim Fetter and Jusup Ninkaev. Stefan Schlegel, Emily Fetter, Rizwan Ninkaev, Junus Ninkaev and Vasilii Miller were able to win the 2nd Fighting space. Ramadan Isufi took the 3rd place after a hard fight can occupy space. In the final team ranking, Taekwondo Desant e. V. the 3. occupy eight possible places.
On March 17th a successful Dan - examination took place under the guidance of Grandmaster Jung Han-Kyu and Grandmaster Younghoo Yu, from Bielefeld.  The four coaches of the Taekwondo Desant e.V. presented themselves from their best side and showed all their skills and knowledge to convince the grandmasters of themselves. After a long and intensive examination Andreas Vasilev, Alexander Kasanzev and Angelina Kasanzev can now call themselves proud holders of the 4th Dan and Steven Vasilev can be happy about his 3rd Dan.
The club took part in two regional tournaments in Walsrode and Bremen, where they finished second in the team classification at the "President-Cup". Furthermore a seminar for judges, fight management and jury was held. Furthermore the club supported the SSV 1952 department SAMBO Budokai, at the annual "Breitensport Lehrgang" in Torgau.
On 8 December the annual meeting of the Taekwond Desant Association of the regional department of DESANT e.V. took place in Neustadt am Rübenberge. At this meeting, in addition to the planning section and the reports, the new board of the association with 5 members was elected for the next term of office.
As chairman of the board: Alexander Kasanzev
As first deputy: Steven Vasilev
As a youthful caretaker: Mustafa Burak batteries
As secretary: Angelina Kasanzev
As cashier: Alexei Frikkel
On 26 and 27 January Alexander, Angelina and Anastasia Kasanzev attended a Poomsea Seminar in Sindelfingen. Grandmaster Ik-Pil-Kang, expert for Poomsea and Kukkiwon of World Taekwondo, came specially from Korea to give this seminar. In March Alexander Kasanzev, the head of TKD Desant e.V., took part in a seminar for Sambo with the world champion Ivan Vasilchuk. Once again the club took part in two tournaments, both in Walsrode and in Bremen in the category "Kyrougi". This year the TKD Desant e.V. could take home the first place in the team ranking at the "President-Cup". They were also invited to the "Essen-Cup" with the disciplines Poomsea and Tymio-Ap-chagi (high jump).
The best athletes of the year: Steven Vasilev, Anastasia Kasanzev, Vasilli Miller, Mustafa Akkus, Valerij Weber, Sven Schwarzer, Jacub Szulc, Luan Isufi and Daniel Wehrmann.
On June 1st the association met to clarify open questions concerning the organisation and registration of Taekwondo Desant e.V. It was also decided that the executive committee will remain the same for the next five years.
On September 14th Anastasia Kasanzev passed her exams for 1st Dan and Kinder-Poom under the guidance of Grandmaster Jung-Han Kuy.

Our goal is to make Taekwondo known as a sport for everyone.
Here parents train together with their children - a real family sport.


"Father, mother and I - a sporting family."